Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Laurie and Clint

Last Saturday was a very important day. Months and months of preparation all came together for a glorious celebration of the love shared by Laurie and Clint Stevens. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was elegant, and the reception was a blast.

I was so honored and excited to be a part of their wedding. I personally enjoyed the preparation leading up to the actual wedding... getting my second ever pedicure with the bridal party... running late to the rehearsal with Laurie to discover Clint waiting outside the church looking at his watch... watching Laurie's flower girl play with toys while dressed as a princess.... and of course, the anticipation and excitement that beamed from Laurie's face the whole day.

James and I also had such a wonderful time at the reception. Although he was feeling under the weather, he toughed it out and really seemed to enjoy himself too. We danced like two goofs and had a lot of fun.

Laurie did surprise me with an unexpected twist. During the cake cutting ceremony, I was called up to "assist." However, what proceeded was vanilla cake in my face. That's ok because James and I retaliated. We went around to each of the tables, and took silly pictures with all of the disposable cameras. Although it wasn't as delicious as vanilla cake in the face, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Goofiness aside, I wish them a marriage as wonderful as their wedding day: the natural ease to go with the flow when things don't always go as you expected, but also the delight that comes from the moments when everything aligns perfectly. Congratulations to Laurie and Clint!

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