Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Obvious Choice

A certain blogger, friend, and Unsocialed Homeschooler recently posed a debate that I had never considered... until now.

I after much thought and deliberation I have decided where I sit on the Ninja/Pirate Debate.

I will now present my case for Ninjas... The Obvious Choice:

Point 1: Ninjas are stealthy. Pirates are dirty.

Point 2: It takes a lifetime of training to become a ninja. This is not the case for pirates. A proper girl from a regal family can manage the pirate lifestyle in approximately 94 minutes of movie screen time.

Point 3: A ninja would sneak up on a pirate while he is enjoy his rum and... ATTACK. Pirate down.

Point 4: A ninja has mind tricks.... no wait, that is a Jedi.... I'm going to count this anyway.

Point 5: Pirates are dirty.

Agree? Disagree? Let me hear it.

(Also, I apologize for my lack of photos. I will mend this terrible mistake after my first encounter with a ninja or a pirate).


  1. Oh, Christa...I love you! You crack me up!

    Please keep posting...I promise to keep reading!! :) :)

  2. I vote for Pirates.

    1) Life is adventurous and carefee.

    2) Ninjas have to keep too many secrets (i.e. their face)

    3)As posted on your friend, The Unsocial Homeschooler's page, I think Pirates are closer to Elves, one of which I would like to be.


  3. The REAL unsocial homeschooler.October 28, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    1. My mother has stolen my copyrights. The nerve.

    2. Pirates sail on ships, have pistols, and have beards (obvious winner!)

    3. They say "arggggggg", which tops it all. Ningas say ZILCH.