Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Obvious Choice

A certain blogger, friend, and Unsocialed Homeschooler recently posed a debate that I had never considered... until now.

I after much thought and deliberation I have decided where I sit on the Ninja/Pirate Debate.

I will now present my case for Ninjas... The Obvious Choice:

Point 1: Ninjas are stealthy. Pirates are dirty.

Point 2: It takes a lifetime of training to become a ninja. This is not the case for pirates. A proper girl from a regal family can manage the pirate lifestyle in approximately 94 minutes of movie screen time.

Point 3: A ninja would sneak up on a pirate while he is enjoy his rum and... ATTACK. Pirate down.

Point 4: A ninja has mind tricks.... no wait, that is a Jedi.... I'm going to count this anyway.

Point 5: Pirates are dirty.

Agree? Disagree? Let me hear it.

(Also, I apologize for my lack of photos. I will mend this terrible mistake after my first encounter with a ninja or a pirate).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Laurie and Clint

Last Saturday was a very important day. Months and months of preparation all came together for a glorious celebration of the love shared by Laurie and Clint Stevens. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was elegant, and the reception was a blast.

I was so honored and excited to be a part of their wedding. I personally enjoyed the preparation leading up to the actual wedding... getting my second ever pedicure with the bridal party... running late to the rehearsal with Laurie to discover Clint waiting outside the church looking at his watch... watching Laurie's flower girl play with toys while dressed as a princess.... and of course, the anticipation and excitement that beamed from Laurie's face the whole day.

James and I also had such a wonderful time at the reception. Although he was feeling under the weather, he toughed it out and really seemed to enjoy himself too. We danced like two goofs and had a lot of fun.

Laurie did surprise me with an unexpected twist. During the cake cutting ceremony, I was called up to "assist." However, what proceeded was vanilla cake in my face. That's ok because James and I retaliated. We went around to each of the tables, and took silly pictures with all of the disposable cameras. Although it wasn't as delicious as vanilla cake in the face, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Goofiness aside, I wish them a marriage as wonderful as their wedding day: the natural ease to go with the flow when things don't always go as you expected, but also the delight that comes from the moments when everything aligns perfectly. Congratulations to Laurie and Clint!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emergency Visits

There is always that one child that ends up getting hurt.... a lot. And although James and I have not ventured into the world of raising kids, we have already had our first emergency visit to the doctor's office... Well ok, it was a visit to the vet.

Now this story would be whole lot more exciting if I had all of the details to the little guy's adventures, but I do not soooo..... [insert crazy story involving Crusoe tightrope walking, fighting off land sharks, and sky-diving through our living room here].

I'm sure it all went down just like that, and when I found him lying on floor Friday morning curled up in a ball, I wondered why he did not greet me with his usual purrs and kisses. I soon discovered, as I fed Oliver, that Crusoe injured his back left paw and was now limping around the apartment. Sadness and anxiety ensued.

James and I took him to the vet later that day, but they were unable to determine if his injury was the result of rough play with Oliver (involving an infected bite wound) or the above mentioned daredevil-ish escapades. They gave him a pain reliever and told us to call them in the morning.

So this morning we had hoped to see our kitten feeling better (this would have been emotionally and financially better). However, his limp was getting worse, and so we ventured back to the doctor's office to get his little paw x-rayed. The result of the x-ray was the discovery of a small fracture in Crusoe's growth plate.

Which resulted in this... 

The poor guy now hobbles around the house. It is simply adorable, funny, and a little sad. However, I'm sure in a few weeks, he will be back to his old antics.