Saturday, January 8, 2011

When the Weather Outside is Frightful...

I have been hearing a lot of hate for the recent frightful *delightful* weather.

So I've composed this list of....

Things to Do 
When the Weather Outside is.... 

1. Stay inside & keep your toesy warm! Here are some inside activities:

  • Read a good book. 
  • Start a First Snow of the Winter Tradition. Ours is pancakes. 
  • Say "See Ya" to Christmas (We did this one today).
  • Invent a new indoor sport.
  • Find a Fix-It project to do around the house (Coming Soon.... Christa's Adventures with a Desk).
  • Plan out how to ideally organize your home. No action necessary. 

Ok, ok, I'm sure many of you are saying, "Yeah, that's great, but I have to be outside to shovel the snow." Well, have no fear! The list continues....

2. Go outside & make the best of it! Here are some activities to make the shoveling more exciting:
  • Make a contest out of shoveling. First one to finish their section gets a hot cocoa *or* a hot bath *or* a hot bath in cocoa.
  • Squash little piles of snow that have started turning to slush. ::Squish:: 
  • Sing loudly & don't worry about the neighbors.
  • If you are working with other people, invent a story while you work. Each person takes turns telling part of the story. Here is a starter: "One day my car broke down on my way work. I decided to walk the rest of the way when a large porcupine crossed my path. He said to me...." 
::Phew:: Now that your work is done, here is my favorite part.... 

3. Activities to do in the snow:
  • Make a snow angel.
  • Have a snowball fight. Team up against the rowdy neighborhood kids.
  • Make a snowman. Give him a rich back story. 
  • Convince your hubby that you can go sledding without a sled (I haven't succeed with this one yet).

4. Remember the days when you were a kid: 
  • The excitement of waking up and seeing the snow falling out your window. 
  • The HOPE of hearing the words, "No School." 
  • The begging to go sledding (hmm... somethings never change). 
  • The first pancake of the first snowfall. 
  • The delight of coming in from the snow bundled up, cold, runny nosed, and finding out that mom just made you some hot cocoa. :-) 
  • Enjoy these times. Enjoy the Snow.