Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emergency Visits

There is always that one child that ends up getting hurt.... a lot. And although James and I have not ventured into the world of raising kids, we have already had our first emergency visit to the doctor's office... Well ok, it was a visit to the vet.

Now this story would be whole lot more exciting if I had all of the details to the little guy's adventures, but I do not soooo..... [insert crazy story involving Crusoe tightrope walking, fighting off land sharks, and sky-diving through our living room here].

I'm sure it all went down just like that, and when I found him lying on floor Friday morning curled up in a ball, I wondered why he did not greet me with his usual purrs and kisses. I soon discovered, as I fed Oliver, that Crusoe injured his back left paw and was now limping around the apartment. Sadness and anxiety ensued.

James and I took him to the vet later that day, but they were unable to determine if his injury was the result of rough play with Oliver (involving an infected bite wound) or the above mentioned daredevil-ish escapades. They gave him a pain reliever and told us to call them in the morning.

So this morning we had hoped to see our kitten feeling better (this would have been emotionally and financially better). However, his limp was getting worse, and so we ventured back to the doctor's office to get his little paw x-rayed. The result of the x-ray was the discovery of a small fracture in Crusoe's growth plate.

Which resulted in this... 

The poor guy now hobbles around the house. It is simply adorable, funny, and a little sad. However, I'm sure in a few weeks, he will be back to his old antics.