Sunday, September 4, 2011

Measure Once, Cut Twice

It has been a summer filled with crafts - from wall art to a DIY desk project to some fancy cards. I have been on a crafting spree! 

I enjoyed following several different blogs which has lead to a very lofty projects "to-do" list. Expected year of completion: TBD.

I stumbled upon a post on Two Girls Being Crafty, and I thought, "How difficult can Intersecting Circle Wall Art be?" 

Answer: Very difficult. 

There was a lot more math involved in this project than I first realized. And unfortunately, my poor measuring skills did not assist my problems. 

If you are feeling rather adventurous.... or in my case, misadventurous, check out the link above to see the full step by step instructions. 

The supplies for this craft are relatively simple and inexpensive, and the final result is lots of fun! The only thing I needed to purchase was the canvas. I cut out the football/ellipse pieces from paint tiles I got at Home Depot. And I had the rest of the supplies in my craft bin.

After cutting out all 96 paint tiles into little football/ellipse shapes, I laid them out to make sure the color ratio was to my liking. Then, the fun began! 

I'm sure my English Lit professors would be proud of my continual use of my textbooks.... to help flatten out pasted pieces of paint tiles (oooh, alliteration!). :-) 

Finally, after hours of cutting, re-cutting, pasting, and shooing (Oliver), the masterpiece was complete! It is now hanging on the landing of our stairs! Very snazzy!

Measure Once, Cut Twice was brought to you today by Mathematics. Who says you won't use this stuff in the real world. 

Here are the four attempts I made at trying to find the correct size circle to complete my project. Hooray, red circle, for being a winner! 

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