Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh, Facebook.

Please excuse me from jumping on my soapbox. 

In high school, I did not like to follow trends. I'm sure most of you can recall my wonderful fashion sense. 

As of right now, I am beginning to feel a bit like a cow in a group of cattle. A recent trend told everyone to change their Facebook picture to a cartoon character. The supposed reason was to "end child abuse." I choose to changed my picture, but I did so fully understanding that I was not doing anything to end child abuse. I did so because I thought it was a fun way to reminisce of my childhood. It was fun to see what characters my friends chose, especially those who did not grow up in the same generation as me. 

However, a few days after I changed my picture, I was being warned that I was now supporting pedophiles, and I must change back my picture! I'm not going to encourage this debate. However, this statement is not true. If you would like more information, see the following link:

However, this whole ordeal has made me realize, I am not a sheep. I am not a cow. I am not a hen. I purposely did not post the location that I put my purse during that trend "to find a cure for breast cancer." I purposely do not copy and paste other people's status' to "help support the cure for belly button lint" or whatever. And I don't "Like" everything under the sun just because 10 of my friends just did.  These things are merely another way to shuffle people to the next trend or to the next "cause." 

I am leaving my picture as Patti Mayonnaise because I am confident that I am not supporting a pedophile. I also know I am not doing anything to end child abuse by leaving it as a cartoon character. I plan to leave it like this as long as I like. And the next time I change my picture or my status will not be because of some trend.

Thank you Crazy Facebook Trend for making me realize that I really admire High School Christa.


  1. I really admire both high-school AND adult Christa. Well said.

  2. Great job, Patti! I like that you don't go with the flow.

  3. Christa - you changing your profile picture does not make u a trend follower, u did something u thought was fun. bottom line. if everybody else was doing it or not did not sway your opinion on the matter, if it did THEN you would be a trend follower. and who cares what other people post say about if it was a from a pedophile group or not. YOU didn't do it to lure little kids. nobody should have to explain themselves, who cares! you had fun, so did i. nobody really thought posting a cartoon pic would end child abuse, it was just fun. if you do something that "everybody else is doing" doesn't automatically make u a trend follower, it just means u happened to find something u also like to do/wear/listen to etc that some other people do to. i like strong adult Christa with her natural blond hair (even though blue was my fav hair color of yours, lol) and who cares about the environment and eating organic and bakes wonderfully and makes yummie 7 layer dip and is a fair game player even though i like to cheat, lol. it just makes me sad that u feel the need to defend yourself from people you dont care what they think. speaking of baking, my mom isnt making cookie sthis year, so your jam cookies will be th eonly jam cookies i get this year!