Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Addition

Yesterday, James and I took a stroll to our local animal shelter to adopt a new kitten. It was an easy decision to choose which lovable little guy would be joining out home - a playful and a bit spazzy 12 week old brown striped tiger.

The decision to expand our little family came from our current kitten, Oliver. About a week ago, James and I suddenly woke at 1:00am to the strange sound of our crying kitty. Carefully, we tip-toed out of our bedroom, scared of what we might discover. However, we did not find a cat pinned under a piece of furniture like I originally thought. Instead, we discovered our little boy meowing at his favorite tiger toy. The decision was made. Oliver needed a playmate.

We brought the little guy home, and although he was a bit scared, he seemed to quickly out grow the bathroom we were storing him in. Jumping, rolling, clawing, and pouncing his way about the room. 

Anxiously, Oliver sat by the door awaiting to meet his new brother. We opened the door, and the boys were about to meet....

A few sniffs, some meows, lots of purrs, and Crusoe became the brother Oliver always wanted. 

Yes, this is how it all played out.... in my mind

In reality, there were a few meows, some growls, and lots of hissing. However, with some time the boys started playing together. They are still trying to establish their dominance, but things are much better then they were yesterday. We are currently keeping them separated and monitoring their playtime. We hope that in a few weeks, Oliver will no longer need to snuggle with a toy, but will now how a new brother to cuddle at bedtime.